Company Profile

The Company was incorporated in the year 1956 with the main object of undertaking Stevedoring operations at the Calcutta Port, along with other allied shipping activities.  The Company has been in the main activity of Stevedoring at the Calcutta Port for over six decades handling a variety of bulk and general cargo including refrigerated cargo, for various Indian and International Shipping Lines and Importers/Exporters.  The activities of the Company were extended to the Ports at Haldia and Paradip, when the said ports were commissioned. 


The Company also extended its Stevedoring activity to the Ports of Paradip, Chennai and Vizag, where it has been handling both break bulk and containerized cargo. 


With the commencement of operations at the aforesaid Ports, the Company has widened their resources to service its clients at all the major Ports in the East Coast. 


The Company was an early entrant in the handling of Containers at the Calcutta Port.  Ever since the operations began at the Port, the Company has been attending to the Container Terminal Operations including stuffing/destuffing, movement of boxes from/to the container yard in the Docks and outside, besides loading/unloading of vessels. Over the years the Company has gained special expertise in handling various Break-bulk/Project cargoes.  The Company owns a large fleet of vehicles, equipments and cargo handling machinery to cater to client’s different requirements for cargo handling and movement.


The Group has established a Container Freight Station at Haldia through their subsidiaries. Ralson Petrochemicals Ltd. Total area of the Container Freight Station is 10 Acres located within a distance of 1.5 km from HDC with Customs presence and all State-of-the-art facilities have been developed for handling of containers and break-bulk cargoes.


We also provide Logistics services for Export of Agri Commodity from Kolkata / Haldia Port, which includes Transportation, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding and Container Clearing including documentation. Some of our reputed customers are exporting cargo under Self Sealing permission using our covered warehouse at Kolkata and Haldia Ports.


The Group also conducts Ship agency activities for both Liner and Chartered vessels through their group companies.


The Company also provides constructed sheds for warehousing and manufacturing activities at their own complex in Chennai to large Industrial end users. 


The Company owns and operates 6 Self-Propelled Barges ranging from 2900 to 3900 DWT capacity, used for Inland Water Transport.  These barges are employed for cargo handling operation of vessels at Sagar / Diamond Harbour Anchorage points and they carry cargo between the Anchorage Points and Kolkata / Haldia. We have also carried cargoes to Bangladesh by Inland Water Transport. We are contemplating adding two more barges to our fleet to cater to the present need of EXIM Trade.


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T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd.






T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd.






T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd.






T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd






T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd






T. P. Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt. Ltd.


The Company enjoys extremely cordial relationship with the concerned authorities at the various Ports.  We are an active member of the Stevedoring Association at Calcutta and also the Bengal National Chamber of Commerce.


The Directors are well known in the shipping circle, representing Employers in Government bodies involved in cargo handling.


The last 6 decades have seen the Group grow to handling the largest tonnage at the Calcutta Port.  The Group handles around 60% of the total cargo handled by private stevedores at the Kolkata Dock System.